Glacial is a unique improvising trio of master musicians who have shared many stages together since 1999. Featuring David Watson on guitar and bagpipes, Lee Ranaldo (from Sonic Youth) on guitar and Tony Buck (from The Necks) on drums.

They have performed on stages, in clubs, amongst Roman ruins, have released various compilations and one full length LP, On Jones Beach.

ā€œThe entirety of On Jones Beach moves like a classic ESP side, with long spaces fro solo sections giving way to bone-rattling protean group improve. Like the best ESP sides, the featured players achieve incantation by their ability to listen and respond via contemplation in motion, without eve sacrificing cohesion for cacophony. There is profound virtuosity of the part of all three conjurers, who spellbind and astonish in the tradition of the heaviest spirits.ā€
(James Toth

"Comprising Lee Ranaldo, David Watson and drummer Tony Buck, Glacial's debut full-length album is a masterpiece in blurring and burning the edges, riding the divide between chaos and melody like a skateboarder gliding on a rail."