Practice, practice ....

Sun, May 01, 2022 - 10:00pm

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Plymouth St, DUMBO
Brooklyn, NY United States

A sequence of improvisatory musical responses throughout the park that rotate around Rehearsal and the surrounding park area. These responses are guided by the locations and an exploration of their own sonic properties. Inspired by the idea of a “rehearsal” as a cultural form and its difference from performance with inherent ideas of public and private, these responses are guided by Wieser’s sculptures and the musicians own histories.

Curated and composed by David Waston


Marcia Bassett – analog synth
Daniel Carter – alto sax
Marcus Cummins – soprano sax
Lathan Hardy – sax
Sam Kulik – tuba
Talice Lee – violin
Samara Lubelski – violin
Ryan Sawyer – drums
Kevin Shea – drums
David Watson – bagpipes -

Matt Welch - Bagpipes